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About us

Retire Better is a boutique Financial Planning and Consulting practice that works with clients to understand, plan and execute their goals, wishes and objectives. We can help with a broad range of financial matters, strategies and products.

Where we specialise and help a lot of our clients, is in the formulation and execution of successful retirement planning strategies. This often covers the time between 50  to 70 years of age, which is a critical time in the life of our clients and their families, and for their finances.


We often look beyond just the numbers and dollars, but also into the what and why of retirement. It is just as important to discuss what you will be doing when no longer working. Why build wealth if you don’t plan how you are going to enjoy it? 

The aim of our whole process is for clients to not just retire well, but to Retire Better, whatever that  means to them.

We are located at Glandore, at the intersection of South & Cross Roads, just a 15 minute drive from the city of Adelaide, or train with the Emerson train station just a 2 minute walk.

Our Financial Services Licensee is Advice Evolution Pty Ltd, a small & privately owned network of practices around Australia, that is not tied or linked to any financial product provider, so operates independent of any influence or bias.

We primarily operate on a fee for service basis, either consulting on an hourly basis or are engaged for an agreed cost of the advice or project.

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Tim Lindsay

Tim Lindsay has been helping clients to understand and improve their financial situation for around 30 years. Over this time he has become more focussed on understanding the significant range of matters and issues that can affect our financial lives. Tim undertakes ongoing education and is currently updating his qualifications. He operates under the Code of Ethics for Financial Planners.

His interest in clients is more than just growing their wealth and feeling ‘richer’, but understanding and exploring the reasons why and what you want to do. What is important to them and what they actually want to achieve, for themselves and their family, their goals and values.

He enjoys working with families, singles, retirees, business owners, employees, professionals, farmers and even Collingwood supporters (that’s a joke…I think).

Personally, he is married with a small family who often get used as examples in discussions. He has many interests that keep cropping up in his life – music (guitar, sax and just listening), sport (watching, not playing), motorcycling (on and off, but more on than off), family history and being a general handyperson.


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